Better Skincare for All

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. At Infinity Soap Company, we work hard to #RaiseTheBar on skincare. We go back to the basics to find what works, pair it with scents you'll love, in products that will love your skin.

Keep. It. Simple.

Our Botanically infused Facial Oils and Oil Cleansers will have your skin back on track in no time. Customize your face care today!

Get Your Customized Skincare

We #RaiseTheBar on skincare.

Handcrafted with your skin in mind, all of our products meet seriously high standards.

  • Fair Trade, Organic, Ethical Raw Shea

    We partner with ethical, Raw Shea Butter producers who meet strict Fair Trade and Organic standards. They provide a living wage to their employees and education to their children. Good business is the ONLY way we do business.

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  • Organic Oils

    All of our oils are certified organic, making the best possible product for you.

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  • Sensitive Skin Safe

    We love to use essential oils, but sometimes we need to use fragrance oils to create fun scents (Maple Pancakes, anyone?)!

    All of our fragrance oils are free of phthalates, carcinogens, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals commonly found in fragrance oils. This allows us to skip the irritating part of modern skincare (i.e. irritation to your skin).

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Find your new favorite scents.

Bars, Body Butters, and Sugar Scrubs -- Oh, my! Check out some of our favorite collections to find your new favorite scents in products that will love your skin!

  • #RaiseTheBar

    Our bars are handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality of skin-loving ingredients like Goat's Milk and Glycerin.

  • #BodyButter

    Your skin naturally produces oil. We naturally produce body butter! Our triple whipped Body Butter is made with hydrating oils like jojoba, coconut, and raw shea to keep your skin soft and silky smooth for up to 24 hours. Bye-bye, dry skin!

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Bar Soaps

For The Best Experience Use our bars with one of our Soap... 

Body Butter + Lotion

 For the Best ExperienceBody Butter can be used in place of any... 

  • #SugaSuga

    Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Sometimes we like an abrasive sugar scrub, but we always love a creamy one better! Our Creamy Sugar Scrubs provide a light lather while exfoliating to lift and separate the daily grime from your gorgeous skin.

  • #WhipItRealGood

    Tired of traditional bar soap? Use our fluffy, foaming Whipped Soap instead! Featuring skin-softening almond oil for a silky smooth, hydrating shave or shower.

Sugar Scrubs

For the Best Experience Use in the shower after washing. Using a... 

Whipped Soap

For the Best Experience Whipped Soap can be used in place of... 

Self Care is a necessity.

We really mean it. Whether you're 9 or 92, we have products that are great for the entire family.

Self Care. Self Confidence. Choose Comfort.

  • Extra Self-Love + Self-Care

    Hair care, face care, skin care, self-care. We do it all. From head-to-toe we provide you with the best small batch skincare to take a #staycation every day.

  • Beard Care

    Self-care isn't just for the smooth skinned! Look your beard-y best with our full line of shaving and beard care.

  • Bath Bombs

    Are you a bath person? Love the bubbles and suds? Yep, we've got you covered. Our Bath Bombs and Cupcake Bath Bombs are perfect for all ages. Relax and unwind with your new favorite scents!

Bath Bombs

 For the Best ExperienceClimb on in to your water-filled bathtub, drop the...