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Infinity Face Care Set Steps
1. Botanically Infused Oil Cleanser

2. Facial Bar or Whipped Facial Soap

3. Botanical Facial Toner
4. Botanically Infused Facial Oil

      For the Best Experience
      Always wash your hands before starting your face care routine. Keep in mind that skincare, especially facial care, is a journey. Everyone's skin is different. The instructions with each oil product is a recommended starting point. You may find that, over the next few weeks of consistent usage, you need a little more or less oil. It's okay to change how much you use but consistency is key.

      Tips + Tricks When Switching to Natural Skincare
      When you first switch to more natural products, you may notice your face has a period of a week or so where you see small breakouts. This is absolutely normal. You skin is getting really clean! Consistency is key.
      We Care About Your Skin
      Each Infinity Soap Company Product is as natural as possible -- meaning non-GMO, no parabens, no nasty stuff you would find in normal "store bought" products. We carefully select our essential and fragrance oils from the best companies with highest standards to make sure they're safe for sensitive skin! All of our ingredients are sourced from, whenever possible, small companies that care about what they do and are conscious about what they put in their products, just like us!

      Disclaimer -- Because we're not doctors!
      Infinity Soap Company is not providing medical advice and any statements on our site or products should not be considered medical advice. Information provided about the ingredients, their uses, and best practices is considered common knowledge. You should always consult a physician with any medical concerns. As with any products, if you notice itching, burning, redness, or any uncomfortable feeling you should wash your face off with mild soap and cool water promptly and discontinue use. We list all of our ingredients, so please read them carefully for any allergy information.

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