Essentially Beneficial

Essentially Beneficial

Essential oils can provide various benefits for skincare, such as reducing inflammation, improving skin texture, and promoting cell regeneration. Some popular essential oils for skincare include lavender, tea tree, frankincense, and rosehip. 

What Purpose Do Essential Oils Serve? 

According to a ClarityRx article, essential oils pose the benefits of calming and soothing the skin, thus reducing inflammation and irritation, as well as they hydrate the skin, and can reduce the effects of aging. However, in order to maximize the benefits of using essential oils, it is extremely important that you select the right oils for your skin. For this reason, we have the option of designing your own botanical oil skincare set on our website. Using each of these products together, as well as integrating them into a consistent routine that works for you will maximize your results.
Our botanical rose facial oil was created with these benefits in mind. With the intentions of reducing aging, wrinkles, and inflammation, this facial oil utilizes aloe vera for hydrating, witch hazel for cleaning, and rose water for refreshment purposes to do its best to rejuvenate your skin. Another option besides utilizing rose facial oil, is taking advantage of the benefits offered by calendula oil. Calendula oil focuses on repairing and calming dry skin. 
Our facial oils utilize essential oils to promote healing and reuction of inflammation.
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How to Maximize Your Results 

Before applying the facial oil to your skin, always begin by washing your hands. Next, you will apply 2-3 pumps of it via your finger tips moving in a circular motion. This process allows the oil to remove any excess dirt, facial oils, or makeup on your face. Finally, once you have completed this routine, we recommend using a clean, wet wash cloth or cotton pad to remove the oil from your face. This process only needs to be completed once a day, and is recommended to be done in the evening.
No matter which essential oil you choose is your best fit, it is crucial to remind yourself that consistency is key! Skincare is a routine that does not do its job over the course of one night. Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint.
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