Our Brand Commitments + Values

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Infinity Soap Company commits to our customers...

...Clean Skincare

Skincare free of known, harmful toxins you find in major skincare brands. Skincare crafted in small batches with the best ingredients, known to do well for all skin types.

...Recyclable Packaging

While COVID has required us to rethink some aspects of keeping products sanitary (like plastic wrapped bars), Infinity Soap Company strives to use packaging made from recyclable plastic, cardboard, and/or biodegradable packaging.

...Good Business Practices

Small Business should be Good Business. We pride ourselves in having the highest possible safety and business practices to protect our customers.

...Humanized Customer Service

Every customer is treated like family. We will joke, talk about our coffee addictions, your children's soccer games, and your adult acne. We like it that way! Every customer interaction is important to us. In person, via email, via messenger -- it's all the same to us. Infinity Soap Company will always strive to make every customer feel like family.



Infinity Soap Company Our Values Header

Everything that we do in our business revolves around a few short, real life values.

Infinity Soap Company values...


You've got questions and we've got answers. Infinity Soap Company believes in being honest with customers and presenting ourselves with the utmost integrity.

...Good Business

Not all businesses are managed equally. Infinity Soap Company prides itself in valuing employees, family, equality, and work-life balance. We treat all of our customers, vendors, and small business friends like family.

...Always Be Improving

There is always room to improve! We take every ounce of feedback to heart. Whether it is submitted in our semi-annual customer survey or in a one-off interaction, we care about customer feedback. Staying informed in skincare best practices and always reviewing our ingredients and products helps us constantly improve the skincare that our customers use.