Good Foods For the Skin and Why You Should Prioritize Them

Good Foods For the Skin and Why You Should Prioritize Them

Food For Thought 

There are certain foods that you probably come across every day that can work wonders for your skin. Some such good foods for the skin include fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green tea, and berries. These foods are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats that promote healthy skin. 

What Qualifies These as Being Good Foods For the Skin?  

So why exactly are these good foods for the skin? Let's begin with the vitamins they are rich in. Fatty fish have a high vitamin D content - which plays a big role in skin tone as it can help to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, even in people struggling with Psoriasis, according to a Healthline article. Avocados, berries, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes are known for being rich in vitamin C, and therefore good foods for the skin. According to the same article, vitamin C is also great for your skin as it is both collagen-producing and cancer-fighting, so it helps to keep your skin healthy. Beyond this amazing benefit of working as a protectant for your skin, vitamin C can also be utilized as a treatment option for anti-aging, dryness, redness, wrinkles, and age spots. Finally, there is vitamin E, which is an antioxidant found in berries and avocados. Vitamin E can also serve as a protectant as it absorbs harmful UV light from the sun. Additionally, vitamin E assists the body with its production of the oil known as sebum - which can in turn help people who struggle with particularly dry skin. 
Tired of stubborn acne and inflamed red skin? Try eating good foods for the skin that are rich in vitamins C and D for the best results!
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Other Supplement Options 

Aside from having different good foods for the skin that are available for you to add to your diet, there are also habits, such as drinking green tea, that can encourage healthy skin. Green tea is high in both antioxidants and vitamins, and according to a different Healthline article, green tea can help with acne and oily skin, anti-aging, and it can even help to prevent skin cancer.
Along with supplementing some of these delicious foods to your diet, we also offer products like calendula botanically infused facial oil and our rose botanically infused facial oil. Both of these contain vitamin C-rich Argan oil that helps prevent wrinkles and promote anti-aging, and vitamin E-rich Jojoba oil to hydrate and heal your skin. 
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No matter what your main concern is when choosing the perfect skincare routine, it is key to consider the effects your diet can have on your skin as well. Whether you are focused on anti-aging, protecting your skin, healing or hydrating it, it is crucial to remember that your skin is an organ, and it must be properly nourished with good foods for the skin, like the rest of your body.
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