2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates

2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates

This year is well underway and I'm so excited to share the 2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates with you! In addition to our new Lifestyle Blog, Infinity + Beyond, I have some amazing things planned for this year. Infinity Soap Company has always been geared toward finding the most natural options possible for skincare. Skincare solutions are friendly to all skin types, affordable, and sustainable.
This year, I'm taking that a step further as I journey into the "zero waste" zone! Slowly but surely, keep your eyes peeled for awesome refillables and simple swaps for your regular bath and body products. As always, if you have any thoughts, feedback, or ideas, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at info@infinitysoapcompany.com

Check out these 2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates!

2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates Brand Updates
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2023 Scent Updates

2023 Infinity Soap Company Updates include updates on Scents! Some of the fan favorites made the cut and will be returning this year. Coffee is my personal favorite, but Fierce comes pretty close! Which favorite are you glad to still have around?
2023 Infinity Soap Company Fragrance Updates
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Essential Oils are Here to Stay!

EOs (Essential Oils) are on of my absolute favorite things! I have been a self-proclaimed oil junkie for years and have used EOs in my own intense skincare journey. This year, I'm bringing some of my favorites out of the closet to create the best skincare experiences for you yet!
2023 Infinity Soap Company Essential Oils Updates
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