You Are a Natural!

You Are a Natural!

Some natural ingredients that may help with acne include tea tree oil, aloe vera, honey, and green tea. These everyday ingredients might not be something you have ever considered using for your skin before, and while adding new elements such as these can be extremely intimidating, it is important to note the positive results that they can produce. 

Benefits of Common Natural Ingredients 

While providing benefits like anti-aging and helping to reduce inflammation of your skin are crucial elements to take advantage of, these natural products also offer the more unique benefits of removing acne-causing bacteria, excess sebum, dust, and dirt. Aloe Vera is a great example of a natural ingredient that boasts the benefits of being anti-inflammatory as well as eliminating that acne-causing bacteria. On top of that, Aloe Vera is high in Vitamin C - which can serve as a protectant against the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Another natural product to consider utilizing in your skincare routine is beeswax. While it might sound a little bit absurd, using beeswax for skincare has its benefits. Not only does beeswax help to soften your skin, but it can also increase the elasticity of your skin, thus promoting anti-aging. Just like vitamin C, it can form a protective barrier on your skin to keep out any harmful environmental aspects. 
Natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, and beeswax offer many benefits for your skin.
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How Does Infinity Soap Utilize These Ingredients? 

With this in mind, we created our body sticks. Both the "Chill Out" body stick - which is best used for granting relief to your muscles - and the "Bug Off" stick that can be used as a bug repellent, utilize the natural ingredient of beeswax. These products are meant to be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial in an effort to promote healing for your skin.
At Infinity Soap, we believe in the power of the effects that natural products can have on your skin. However, we always want to make the disclaimer that we are not doctors and we highly recommend consulting with your doctor so you can create your own personalized skincare routine - and we encourage you to consider adding a natural product or two to this regiment!
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