5 Major Skincare Trends You NEED to Know in 2023

5 Major Skincare Trends You NEED to Know in 2023

2023 Skincare Trends are HERE!

Every year, top industry experts make their predictions for what trends will be big in the next year. While so many of those predictions are true, some social trends take over like wildfire and blow them all out of the water. These are my top 5 predictions for the 2023 Skincare Trends!

1. Minimalistic Skincare

If Covid taught us anything about Skincare Trends, it was that we really don't need a 10-step skincare routine. This year we are going to see a huge push back to simple skincare. Simple steps, fewer products. We LOVE keeping it simple. Infinity Soap Company only has 4 steps in our Facecare line. Our skin doesn't need all of the extra razzle-dazzle products to make it glowing and healthy and that's a trend we're all about.

2. Skin Barrier: Repair + Protect

Repair and protect! I've been saying this for years. So many products (especially in those 10-step routines) are too harsh on your skin or layer too much on it so it can't "breathe". 2023 will have a huge focus on helping your skin get back to its very best state. Using natural skincare, like our Facial Oil, will be a great first step in getting your face right this year. Simple skincare, less on your skin, and protection from harmful UV rays will rock 2023.

3. Sustainability

Who doesn't love doing their best to reduce their personal waste? While one plastic container in the landfill won't do much, millions will. 2023 will top the charts in sustainability in skincare. Whether it's ditching liquid soaps in plastic containers for bars, or recyclable packaging, I've got you covered! All Infinity Soap Company packaging is recyclable or reusable, with more upgrades to save the planet coming in 2023!

4. Like Face, Like Body

This year will be all about using the same fabulously minimal habits to improve not just our faces, but our whole body. We're talking scrubs, body masks, and all day hydration (read as Body Butter for the win!). Out with those 10-step facial routines, into simple skincare for your WHOLE body!

5. Back to Basics

This is my absolute favorite trend for 2023! I have been preaching Back-to-Basics skincare for years. This year there will be a huge push, side-by-side with the Minimalist Skincare movement, to have simple, natural, no BS products for our whole body. Not just for women, either. Skincare trends for men and children will be important, with a special focus on aging skin and skin repair.

2023 Skincare Trends: Must Have Products + Tools

Are you ready to SLAY this year in the most SIMPLE way possible? I've got you covered. 😉 Check out some of my favorite Skincare Trends-worthy products from Infinity Soap Company and elsewhere!
Sustainability Soap Bar Saver Bag Infinity Soap Company - Infinity + Beyond
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Plant Fiber Soap Saver Bag
2023 Skincare Trends Clay Facial Masks Infinity Soap Company - Infinity + Beyond Blog
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Organic Clay Face Masks (Chocolate, Coconut, and Dual Clay)
Back to Basics Sustainable Skincare Organic Botanical
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Build Your Own - Botanical Face Care Kit
Skincare Trends EcoTools Deep Cleansing Facial Brush - Infinity + Beyond
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EcoTools Deep Cleansing Facial Brush
Skincare Trends 2023 Stainless Steel Gua Sha and Roller
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Stainless Steel Gua Sha + Facial Roller
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