Men's Skincare Tips and Products

Men's Skincare Tips and Products

A Father's Day Special! 

As we approach Father's Day, it is time to dive into the importance of men's skincare, how it is unique, and the different available products we have here at Infinity that are specific to men's skincare!
The American Academy of Dermatology Association (AADMA) has put together a list of tips and tricks meant to help men better understand the importance of having a daily skincare routine fit for the specific wants and needs of their skin. Some of these tips for men's skincare include considering the ingredients in your current skincare products, washing your face after exercising, and adopting a safe shaving routine that does not irritate your skin. 

Checking Ingredients and Washing Your Face After Exercising 

Considering the ingredients of your current skincare products and washing your face after exercising can actually go hand-in-hand. It is crucial to check the labels of your products prior to using them on your face. For this reason, you want to avoid using body soap on your face as it might contain different fragrances or ingredients that could irritate the skin on your face. After exercising, you must use a proper facial cleanser in order to preserve the health of your skin. 

The Importance of Your Shaving Routine 

Another prime element for men to consider while choosing a skincare regimen is their shaving routine. Mutli-blade razors might seem like the most efficient option when it comes to shaving, however, using these can put you at higher risk for experiencing razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hair. If you have been experiencing any of these complications, perhaps consider switching to a single or double-blade razor instead. 

Our Men's Skincare Collection 

With these tips in mind, we have created a men's signature collection here at Infinity. Our Men's Signature Collection Natural Soap and Brush Set is meant for both at home use, as well as being easy to travel with. The shave soap is made with organic clay, essential oils, and moisturizing ingredients that are meant to promote a smooth shave and create a scent that is the result of a combination of organic Rosemary, Lavender, and Cedarwood. The brush is soft, smooth, and fit for using on the face. 
Our Men's Signature Collection features products specific to the most important aspects of men's skincare.
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With Father's Day quickly approaching, we encourage you to share these men's skincare products and tips with those in your life who might need them! 
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